Powered by Rural Month of Service July 2012

Throughout the month of July, rural residents across Oregon and the Pacific Northwest will set aside a day, a week, or even a whole month to promote community service projects in their areas.


Join us in the Powered by Rural Month of Service July 2012! YOU can help make a difference in your community by giving back and volunteering. Help us to cultivate the power of rural!

Register now – plant your project idea here!

Grow your project

Creating a volunteer event in your community is a great way to spread civic engagement and promote a sense of unity among your rural town. Start small and plan ahead – you’ll want an event manageable given your time restraints.

  • Identifying an area of need in your community – what is your event for? 
  • Deciding on your project – what form will it take? 
  • Logistics – when and where will it be held? Will you need special supplies?
  • Check with local authorities – what could be the barriers to carrying out your project?
    • Here are some guidelines
  • Getting donations: how will you get all of the needed supplies? 
  • Check out these as well as these helpful hints for managing your event

Nurture your volunteers

Taking care of your volunteers is very important; they’re the backbone of the event. Make sure to have a final headcount before the date of your event and bring enough supplies and materials for every volunteer.

  • Tips here for managing your volunteers!
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • How to ask your friends to volunteer
  • How to talk to service clubs
  • Keeping  a list of volunteers
  • Equipment and feeding your volunteers
    • What tools will you need?
    • How much water and food do you need to keep your volunteers happy?
  • Follow up
  • When you register to create  your own event, RDI will send you a packet with helpful supplies to make sure your event is a success

Spreading the seeds of success

Promoting your event is crucial to its success – this step can help in the recruitment of your volunteers. The more publicity your event has, the more volunteers and donations you’ll attract!

  • How to write a press release, here or here
  • How to write an article, here
  • Make flyers promoting community’s involvement
  • Take pictures!
  • Post your event details on RIPPLE
  • Share your success on RIPPLE – contact ripplehelp@rdiinc.org for details 
  • Email Rainey at rdesiervo@rdiinc.org for our logos so you can advertise your event, use them to make:
    • T-shirts
    • Banners
    • Yard signs
  • Don’t forget to ask for sponsors from the community to help pay for these signs – include your sponsor’s logo in your materials and double the impact!
  • DID YOU KNOW…RDI has Powered by Rural T-shirts available for purchase?! Make a donation and receive a shirt before the end of June and receive a discount. Follow this link to make your purchase!



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