Coburg Community Visioning Summit

The community of Coburg and RDI are working on a collaborative process to create a 20-year Community Vision for the City.
Thanks to all who have been involved in the process so far. The project is moving on to the next phase, and Coburg-area residents are invited to complete the second survey regarding priorities for the future of the community. Click here to take the survey, which aims to prioritize your vision of the future for Coburg. It will only take a few minutes, and your input is essential to the process. 
As part of the collaborative process, community focus groups are taking place which are centered around ten different key areas:
  • Seniors 
  • Latino
  • Agricultural businesses 
  • Youth
  • Young Families 
  • Groups Outside Coburg
  • CORE Businesses Downtown
  • Tourism
  • Committee Groups
  • I-5 Businesses 
Community members attended a kick-off meeting in January to share feedback about what makes the community of Coburg truly special. The first draft of the Coburg vision statement will be unveiled at a Community Visioning Summit which will be held on March 16 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Coburg City Hall. Click here to RSVP today. Food will be provided.
The key objectives of the Community Visioning process are to:
  • Produce a 20-year Vision Statement that will guide future actions and support any future Comprehensive Plan update
  • Engage a broad and inclusive representation of voices in the community to ensure that the aspirations and priorities reflected in the vision are community driven
  • Ensure community buy-in, awareness, and coordinated follow-up actions for the Coburg Community Vision
For more information about participating in a focus group, or for questions about the Coburg Community Visioning process, please contact RDI’s Jess Hampton at or (503) 801-2513.