25 Years of Helping Rural Communities Thrive

June, 2016
July marks RDI’s 25th anniversary of helping rural communities thrive.
We started out in 1991 as an organization to address the issues resulting from the decline of the timber industry and to help raise the voice of rural communities. We are continuing to fight to serve your rural communities because you are continuing to fight to make your own communities thrive.
RDI isn’t just an organization
We are you
You are us
Our mission is your mission
We live, work, and play in rural communities
We are rural and there are a lot of us
We are rural people who have been involved for many years and we're a bit tired
We are rural people who have never been involved before.
We are old and we are young
We are struggling and we are privileged
We are women and we are men and we are colorful
We are established and highly trusted organizations serving rural communities, and we are new or newly formed organizations that are new to this team and new to this effort.
We are rural
We are Oregon
We are California
We are Washington
We are Idaho
We are even people who live in metropolitan areas, people who understand that our success depends on our ability to understand and maximize the interdependence of rural and urban
We are rural, and we are pretty darn close to being a force to be reckoned with
We are rural but we are not done yet.
We are launching the #WeAreRural campaign to celebrate 25 years of helping rural communities thrive. Display your love of rural proudly. Download a #WeAreRural selfie sign and tag your posts and images with #WeAreRural on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
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