Rural Community Leader’s Toolbox

Rural Community Leader’s Toolbox

Is your community ready to work together and move forward with its priorities? Our Rural Community Leader’s Toolbox workshops aim to strengthen the voices and skills of community, resident, and volunteer leaders.
The customizable workshops utilize experiential activities, group problem-solving tasks, lectures, and hands-on practice. Offerings include leadership development, community building, and rural economic vitality.
As a result of this training, you will gain skills such as:
  • Group Decision-Making Processes and Tools
  • Understanding Personality Types (MBTI)
  • Developing Community-Led Strategic Planning Processes 
  • Ways to Deal with Conflict in Communities
  • Multi-Cultural Leadership
  • Facilitating Multidimensional Issues
  • Developing Projects and Managing Volunteers
  • Light, Quick, and Cheap Strategies for Your Downtown
  • Embracing Young Leaders
  • How to Organize and Train a Local Economic Vitality Team

We will work with you to design a training based on your community’s interests.

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Meet Our Team 

Gary Stewart

Rural Community Leadership Consultant

Noelle Colby-Rotell

Director of Leadership Services