WealthWorks Northwest

WealthWorks Northwest

WealthWorks Northwest (WWNW) improves rural livelihoods with an innovative approach to economic development that creates lasting wealth in rural communities. WWNW recognizes that, generally, building wealth is the goal of economic development. But building wealth is a lot more than growing the amount of money in a community. Simply creating jobs and generating income, however appealing as those goals may be, are never enough to build lasting wealth. WealthWorks aims to advance a region’s overall prosperity and self-reliance, strengthen existing and emerging sectors, and increase jobs and incomes for lower-income residents and firms. The goal is to build wealth that can benefit community residents today and for generations to come while rooting value in local people, places, and businesses.

The rural Pacific Northwest, with its abundance of both natural and human resources, is primed to take advantage of the WealthWorks approach. Adopted and adapted by RDI, WealthWorks Northwest is not a cookie-cutter or a recipe; it is a framework that is intended to be strategically flexible for our region.

For more about the WealthWorks approach, visit WealthWorks.org.

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Video Series: WealthWorks in Practice
WealthWorks is an approach to community driven economic development that aligns assets around a shared set of values and goals and seeks new business opportunities in response to changing markets. The approach intentionally builds multiple forms of wealth, local ownership, and inclusion. A four-part WealthWorks in Practice video series is designed to support practitioners as they implement this approach. The four videos include:





Click here to read a detailed evaluation of WealthWorks Northwest in Exploration & Construction Regions from 2014–2016. Click here for a summary of the evaluation.

Kendall Derby, owner of one of Oregon’s only juniper sawmills and WealthWorks business investment award recipient, speaks with OPB's Think Out Loud regarding juniper industry growth. Click here to listen to the interview.

Business investment awards boost Oregon's south coast fishing industry. Click here to read more in the World.

RDI grant helps expand juniper industry in Wheeler County. Click here to read more in the Wheeler County News.

RDI business investment award helps build wealth in Garibaldi. Click here to read more.

An ocean's worth of opportunity is available in southwest Oregon's fisheries food system. Click here to read about the Southwestern Oregon Food Systems Collaborative.

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